#BluWave in Hollywood 🤩💙

MicahBlu joined Q in his Hollywood studio to promote her singles “Jealous” and “Do or Die.”


Yo, what's up! It's your boy Q, man. We live here in Hollywood California. [Claps] MicahBlu in the building!

Y'all betta stop playin, let's go!

Q: We need to give our listeners another sample of the type of artist you are, the type of music you put out. Talk about Do or Die

MicahBlu: Do or Die is a love song, and I am a fan of Romeo and Juliet, so it touches

Q: Oh, oh you a romantic!

MicahBlu: A hopeless romantic

Q: Right!

MicahBlu: At times


MicahBlu: Sometimes I can be a savage!

Q: Right, oh damn! OK!

[Both laugh]